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What’s going on with Sugar Land we’re here in my hometown, I wasn’t born here but I got here. We’re finishing up this bad boy, stuff coming down off the roof there, and we are just about wrapping it up. Is not even four o’clock yet we are starting to pack up, clean up, and get it all done. If you guys need something you know where to find me, we’re on a roof here in Sugar Land finishing this one up. You guys, hopefully you’re not going to get rained out today, it’s been so beautiful today to get rained on now, but we’ll see what happens.

The Problem with This Roof in Sugar Land, TX

This homeowner had a hailstorm came through, knocked up the house a little bit so we got the roof replaced formed and after we have to worry about all the leaks, they had a ton, a ton of decking issues all around the starter and the perimeter of their roof. It’s very important you guys had your roof built to code and spec and the manufacturer spec. Cause if they’ve done that the first time when they built this roof, it probably won’t have that much decking that had to be replaced. But no matter we got this one done, making split guys packing up clean it up, and get it all taken care of. So, Sugarland, TX if you have roof issues, storm issues, or you want to find out if you have storm or roof issues call us, will come up take a look at it for you, and let you know what we find. If anything, we can fix it, if we don’t find anything we can let you know that too. That is why Trinity Roofing and Restoration is a trusted roofing company in Sugar Land, TX. You have a good one I’m headed to the next one, you all have a great day, and I will shoot you guys a video on either Wednesday or Thursday for our next one depends on how the weather cooperates with us you have a good one, dad bought out.  

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According to Sugar Land, TX was named one of America’s Safest Cities in 2015. Houston Chronicle. Sugar Land is a city just southwest of Houston, Texas. The Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land features a saltwater aquarium and a digital dome theater. Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center offers interactive exhibits, including a child-size city called Kidtropolis. In the south, trails wind through Sugar Land Memorial Park and Brazos River Corridor. Oyster Creek Park includes a rose garden and a pond.